Saturday, 20 January 2018

Top 10 Reasons strong is the new skinny Part 1:

So, you've been to the docs, they've measured your weight and your height.
Then, BAM! They tell you..... Mr Smith, according to the BMI scale you are obese!
  • You spend the next 6 months, starving. Desperately trying to get rid of this STUPID LABEL. 
  • You drop your calorie intake to 1200, per day for 6 months and hit the gym!
  • You're exhausted, life is no longer enjoyable and you are irritable (with headaches to boot!)

Cardio and starvation will work, RIGHT? 
Wrong (Well, at least it's not a long term solution!)

For many years the NHS and other health care professionals have used BMI as a single measure of health......
This is too simple, because your total weight is more than that, contained within your total body weight is a number of other measures, which make up your composition:
  • Body fat percentage (visceral and subcutaneous fat)
  • Bone mass/ weight
  • Intracellular and extracellular hydration
  • Muscle weight/ percentage
According to the national centre of biotechnology information Caution should be observed when using the BMI as a measure for interpreting overweight and obesity as body composition can be highly variable yet have the same BMI. Therefore, BMI is not a reliable measurement of body composition in individuals particularly in older and younger people.”

More here:

So what should I concentrate on? 

In order to be truly healthy I recommend that you shift your focus away from your weight and the DREADED SCALES and focus your workouts on a combination of cardio vascular exercise such as fast walking or running (anything that increases heart rate) and strength exercises. Strength exercises could be: working with a resistance band, resistance machines in the gym or hand/ free weights (other strength exercises exist!).

Take home........
Having strength and health will allow you to live a fulfilling, happy life, activities of daily life are much easier when we have a strong body and muscles (queue ARNIE!). 

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Andy Payne is a Personal Trainer, based near Brighton in East Sussex, and founder of Three Pillars of Fitness, Exercise : Diet : Mind. You can follow him on Facebook and twitter 

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